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Laskowscy Design has created a unique collection of light

weight furniture and household accessories. Their products

are one of a kind on the Polish market.


They are already known on the European market and now

they have arrived to the UK, Finland and Greece.

Created with passion, a unique blend of modern design

and nature motifs. Laskowscy Design products allow you

to customise your interior and create something unique

and special. Buying our products you are not only

purchasing a table or a shelf, you are becoming the

owner of genuine piece of design art. Collection is

constantly being expanded with new exciting products…

Bringing more and more fresh air into your interior.



Each of our pieces is designed in Laskowski's distinct visual

style and then completed over three stages at three

different local workshops.

At the first, each piece is laser-cut in steel; at the second,

the pieces are sprayed with a powder coating of pigment,

and the final workshop phase is dedicated to polishing that

pigment to perfection. The production of many of our

pieces also involves a fourth stage-the hand-shaping of

pieces that cannot be created on a machine-performed

by Laskowski himself.

Powder coated pigments are available in many different

shades and level of matt or shine, and can be applied to

textured or smooth surfaces alike.

They are more robust and adaptable than other finishes,

and powder colours maintain their brilliance for longer than

many alternatives.

Just as important to us, powder is much environmentally

friendly than liquid pigments too. Liquid finishes use

solvents which contain elements called "volatile organic

compounds" that pollute the environment, but are only

found in trace quantities, or absent altogether, from

powder coating.