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Lighting is a very important factor in interior design. Our new lighting collection

will help you to create the individual character of your home. They are not only

functional objects which will brighten up your interior. They are designed to add

beauty and compliment the interiors of your home.

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  • Carousel Ceiling Lamp

    Lighting|NEW PRODUCTS 2014









    new Laskowscy design



  • Lullaby Lamp





    Add some fairytale touch to your interiors with this absolutely

    adorable and unique lamp. They say every child should have

    one rocking horse. Did you? Now is your chance to own one.

    An increased popularity in a folk aesthetic was an inspiration

    to design this lovely piece. Ideal for children’s bedroom, but

    equally liked by adults.


  • Lamp Wave





    Designed with esthetic harmony and simplicity this lamp

    is very elegant and classy. Perfect for somebody, who

    loves simplicity in their interiors.


  • Lamp Mirage





    While looking at this lamp you can get an impression of a night

    sky lighten up with hundreds of stars… So why not to own

    something which helps you to create that amazing image?

    Mirage lamp has that unique design to help you get a piece

    of heaven indoors.


  • Decorative 66 Lamp





    Crazy “sixties” were inspiration for us to create that vintage

    looking lamp. The time of rock and roll, individualism and

    definitely fun… If only we could turn back time…At least

    we can design something funky and something creating

    that important “feel good factor”.



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