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Terms And Conditions

The owner of the online store Laskowscy Design, available at laskowscydesign.pl,
is Vega Creative Remigiusz Laskowski company, with its registered seat in Włocławek
at ul. Zachodnia 64, POLAND, NIP [Tax Identification Number]: 888-244-03-07,
regon [Statistical Number]: 910915040, registration authority: District Court in Włocławek.



1. Placing an order in the Laskowscy Design online store shall mean 
the acceptance of the provisions of the regulations.

2. In order to purchase in Laskowscy Design online store you have to be an adult
natural person or a company.

3. Laskowscy Design online store sell its product through www.laskowscydesign.pl

4. All the products offered by Laskowscy Design are original, brand-new and free
from both physical defects and defects of title.

5. Placing an order by the Client shell entitle the Store to issue an invoice.

6. Together with a product the Client receives VAT invoice filled in according
to the information given with the order. If the shipping address differs from the
one for the invoice it should be marked in the order form.

7. Binding price is the one that was assigned to the product in the moment
of placing an order by the Client.

8. Accepting an order for completion takes place at the moment of receiving
by the Client confirmation e-mail sent by a company employee. It is the same
a binding sale and purchase agreement between the Buyer and the Seller.

9. A necessary condition to realize an order is providing a telephone number and
e-mail address to confirm and realize an order.

10. The order will be completed on the condition that the product is available
at the warehouse. In case when some of the products included in the order
are not available, the Client will be informed about the order ability and can decide
whether to agree for partial completion, extending the time of completion
or to cancel the entire order.

11. Laskowscy Design reserves the right to a modification of the prices of goods
and assortment on offer, introducing new goods to the online store offer, performing
and cancelling promotional campaigns on the online store sites or introducing their
modifications at any time.

12. Shipment time, counted form the moment of receiving 100% amount due
at the Laskowscy Design bank account to the time of sending the order from
the store, is given next to each product. Order that includes products with different
shipment time is sent after completing all the ordered products, that is in the longest
of the shipment times of all given. Should the time of completion be longer that
one stated at the website we will contact the Client to inform about the delay
and confirm his wish to complete the order. Shipment time given covers working
days only.

13. Ordered products are sent via Poczta Polska or courier company. The Client
is charged with the cost of delivery which equals the price given during the realization
of the order. In case when total cost of the order exceeds 200 EUR the product
will be sent via courier company or by priority mail at the Laskowscy Design expense.

14. The Client should receive his order after no longer than 10 days from confirming
the money transfer on the company’s account.

15. The Client can pay for the purchased goods by making a bank transfer to the
Laskowscy Design online store bank account that is given to the Client in order
application after confirming purchase. The process of realizing the order starts
with the moment of receiving the confirmation of money transfer to company’s bank
account. Money should be transferred within 5 working days, in other case the
order will be canceled.

16. The Client has the right to withdraw from the agreement without giving
any reasons within ten days from the date of the receipt of an item. In case
of a withdrawal from the agreement, the Client shall send back the purchased
item in original packaging, fully secured against damage or destruction at the
store address. You should remember to attach the original proof of purchase.
Returned item will be accepted on condition that it is not damaged or bear traces
of use and have a complete content. The sore guarantees a full refund of the price.
Money will be sent within 14 days by bank transfer to the bank account indicated
by the Client.

17. Products guarantee does not cover mechanical damage caused by outside
action, e.g. during transportation, therefore the contents of the shipment as well
as external packaging should be checked in the presence of courier and before
the signing of receipt. The Client should inspect in detail if shipment is originally
packed, if it is sealed with tapes and if tapes are not damaged.
In case when the shipment’s packaging has features of damage or if seals (tapes)
are broken, the customer should not accept the delivery, draw up a complaint
protocol in the courier’s presence at the moment of delivery and contact our store
by sending an e-mail. A complaint concerning stolen products or mechanical
damage of products, occurred during transportation shall be possible only
on condition of inspecting a package at delivery. Returned item will be exchanged
for a new, full value product or, if it is possible, the Client will get money refund.
The basis for complaints shall be the receipt of purchase of an item.

18. Differences resulting from a customer’s computer individual settings
(colour, proportions, etc.) may not be the basis for complaints and the return
of purchased goods.

19. Placing an order, the Client, agrees that his personal data provided
are processed exclusively for the purpose of the completion of orders.
They are not processed and used in any other purpose and placed
in Laskowscy Design database are processed only for its purpose and not
exposed to any other transactors (subjects?). Gathered with due care they
are protected from the access of any who is unauthorized.

20. All products in Laskowscy Design online store are owned by
Laskowscy Design company who are their designers, produces and copyright
owners to its designs. Copying and distributing designs in any form is prohibited.

21. The court competent for resolving disputes resulting from the agreement
shall be the court having jurisdiction over the registered seat of
Laskowsky Design company or over the place of the performance
of the agreement.